With the hope that this won’t become another failed attempt at being productive, I want this blog to be a place to write about and document my interests, in particular the really interesting and fun parts of ancient history which are often forgotten about in the famous tales of corrupt politicians, dictators, invasions and so-and-so ‘the Great’s’.

I study Ancient History at Manchester, and after just one term I’m already beginning to feel lost within the masses of literature which I struggle to understand, let alone engage with and take an interest in. However, I find it reassuring to remember that there are countless interesting and almost-unbelievable historical characters and events which I am soon to come across in my studies, in addition to the vast world of mythology, and the never-ending list of ‘what if … ‘ questions historians have to ask about the events which resulted in the world as we know it today.

Please stick around for bad classics memes and fun facts about Roman emperors ☀



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