A lil post about my day out in Liverpool with George~~

Having wanted to visit the World Museum for quite some time mostly for the ancient worlds section, I was not at all disappointed at all, and infact, really amazed about how good this museum was. By comparison, Manchester’s museum is teeny. There are five floors including a bug house and even a tiny aquarium, however the most interesting part for me was definitely the ancient Egypt exhibition. I’m not really one for looking at dead bodies and that, but there were so many pretty artefacts on display and I learned a lot about ancient Egyptian history just from the museum. It is definitely a subject which I would like to learn a lot more about, considering how vast of a period it covers.



I really enjoyed the fun facts spread along the timeline of ancient Egyptian history, which were layed out alongside events which were occurring elsewhere in the ancient world. For example, I found it interesting that the first recorded worker’s strike occurred as long ago as 1155 BC, under King Ramasses III.

The internet told us that there are a few places in Liverpool which offer vegan food, and we ended up going to a Vegetarian/ Vegan cafe called The Egg Cafe. It was really, really good (and super cheap!!), no doubt I will be visiting Liverpool again just to try more food from here!!

Liverpool itself had a really lovely vibe, especially around Albert Dock. The buildings are really pretty, and there is far too much to do in one day.



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