Ancient Illnesses & How They Were Treated

Despite not knowing any where near as much as we do about medicine and diseases, ancient societies did have their own ways of diagnosing and treating illnesses. Most were completely ridiculous and probably made matters much, much worse, however some of their beliefs and techniques were actually quite effective. With an underlying belief (or perhaps…… Continue reading Ancient Illnesses & How They Were Treated

Caligula: Was He Really That Bad?

If you have heard any stories about the emperors of ancient Rome, you are most likely aware of the fact that some of them were slightly unconventional, by today’s standards. Many tales have been told about the infamous emperor Caligula- he has a particularly bad reputation, often described as being a cruel and unstable tyrannical leader, who made extravagant demands of his subjects.

Ancient History and Why it’s Important

When asked the question “so what do you study?”, responding with “ancient history” can often result in someone belittling the subject, often without intent. From my experience, people assume that events that happened so far in the past hold little relevance to the modern day, and that ancient history is a relatively easy subject that…… Continue reading Ancient History and Why it’s Important


There’s a really pretty part of Manchester alongside the canal underneath the railway bridge. Knowing very little about Manchester’s history, I was (embarrassingly) excited when I saw a sign pointing towards a Roman fort just a few metres away from where I was. Right away, I turned the corner and found a replica built on…… Continue reading Manchester


With the hope that this won’t become another failed attempt at being productive, I want this blog to be a place to write about and document my interests, in particular the really interesting and fun parts of ancient history which are often forgotten about in the famous tales of corrupt politicians, dictators, invasions and so-and-so…… Continue reading Skye